Sighting 20 December 1990

Date: 20/12/1990
Time: 11:10 pm
Place: Lentegeur Mitchell's Plain Cape Town over Kapteinsklip area
Submitted by: Jessica Arendse


don’t even know where to start, so I’ll start with my first known sighting which I also recorded in my diary at that time. I was waiting on a date to pick me up looking at the sky and saw what I thought was a shooting star. Dated: 20 december 1990. Instead the light grew brighter and started flashing with long pauses on and off. When the light grew red I thought it was a helicopter but then another appeared next to it and the first one became more visible. It was dome shaped with lights aligned in the middle and another red beam beneath it. The second one also had a red beam but was different in design with 5 lights like tripods extending to the bottom. The two then started manoevering very fast around each other also in an up and down motion. After quite awhile there was one big flash and the first one just beamed off and disappeared and the 2nd one zoomed off as well! I’ll have to check in my diary for finer detail as I’ve also drawn illustrations at that time.

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