Shiny Disc Object

Date: 07/06/2018
Time: 11:01 am
Place: N12 Elandsfontein – on way to Alberton
Submitted by: Anonymous


Was on the highway and noticed a disc shaped object (as it turned it in the air i saw light reflect off metal surface) cut across from left to right side. What made it all strange was that there was an aeroplane just above it in the sky. The day was perfect blue sky day with no clouds. The object suddenly stopped in mid air and was static. I thought it could be a drone but it wasn’t. While on the highway (i couldn’t stop) took a photo and video (which already was a dangerous move). You will see the moon and if you zoom in you will see a TINY white spot. When i first saw it it didn’t look this small (think the it came out smaller in photo).

One thought on “Shiny Disc Object

  1. wow weldone man… ive had a photo to that looked smaller and more glowy on camera but from my eyes perspective u could see shape and detail

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