Shape shifting object in sky| anomalous cloud-like shimmery object

Date: 09/03/2018
Time: 05:30 am
Place: Queensburgh, Durban
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Saw a shape shifting ufo this morning at around 5:30 am just as the sun was turning the tips of the medium grey clouds pink.
At first I thought it was a bird as a few were flying about but it stayed still for too long, then I thought it must be a distant plane, but it wasn’t moving any closer, further or in any direction for a long time.
The shape started to swivel about and I figured it must be a tiny cloud forming as it got bigger in circumference. It seemed more blurry compared to other clouds its size and the light wasn’t catching in a uniform way (it seemed to shimmer and light up at odd angles to the sun). Then it started to ‘fluff’ about faster – too fast for a windless sky (plus the other clouds- even the small ones- retained their shape and position the entire time).
It waxed and wained a couple times to a point of near invisibility each time, never sticking to one shape for longer than a second before waining a final time and completely disappearing for a bit. After less than a minute it appeared again towards a northerly direction along the horizon line (to the left in other words), where it did a repeat of the same shifty behavior before disappearing for good.

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