Shape Changing Object in Lyttelton

Time and date: 15 February 2015 at 13:00
Place: Lyttelton, Gauteng
Submitted by: R van Niekerk

On 15-02-015 at around 13:00 in Lyttleton whilst outside we noticed a dark object appearing from behind the rooftops quite a distance away. The object was moving in a vertical line towards the sky at a rapid speed. The object also appeared to be spinning around it’s own axis and on closer inspection we noticed that it even started changing shape when it reached a certain height. The object also paused for 30 seconds or so just below the cloud line where it kept spinning around its own axis. It then turned into a flat pointy shape when it slowly spun towards our right. It then proceeded in the direction (West to East) and gradually vertically to the clouds above as it was racing across the sky.

There was no sound and it appeared to be almost quicksilver like in the way it turned from one solid shape into another shape. The object then eventually span into the clouds where it disappeared. The photos are from the a few seconds after we noticed it, it turning and moving in a new direction and zoomed in as it spun and shifted it’s way towards the clouds.

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