Shape-changing object in Hatfield, Pretoria

Time and date: August 2014 at 3 PM
Place: Hatfield
Submitted by: Stefan

I was driving on the N4 toward town last year around August at around 3pm. Just before entering Hatfield, I saw what I initially thought was a helicopter. As it came closer, I could clearly see that it was not a helicopter at all! It was about the size of a helicopter, but the best way to describe it is having the appearance of a massive wasp nest crawling with wasps, continually changing shape. The object was pitch black. I was dumbfounded. No other motorists seemed to notice it. It rose higher and higher until it eventually disappeared behind the clouds.

One thought on “Shape-changing object in Hatfield, Pretoria

  1. interdimensional beings – wie weet wat daai lelike gediertes soek my maat. As ons weet wat rerig aangaan hier sal ons almal selfmoord pleeg, glo my, dis nie mooi nie. Die grootste mans sal begin huil.

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