Several UFO sightings in Midrand

Time and date: Wednesday the 15th April 2015, around 8 o’clock at night
Place: Midrand
Submitted by: Sonia

My boyfriend looked up at the sky and spotted a shooting star. However the “shooting star” didn’t have any lights and swerved from the edge of the night sky towards us. Once he pointed it out to me I followed it as it came closer, moving in a very fluid flowing manner. It almost hovered above us and then moved away to the opposite side of the sky where it disappeared. It was a dark, two triangular shape, almost like wings, but seemed to have have very dull orange lights at the bottom. It could possibly have been something explained, except for it’s very fast movement however we had another sighting only about a month ago, also in Midrand, around 11 at night. Once again my boyfriend spotted a shooting star, he’s good at that, but as we watched it the bright circular light shot through the sky, then changed direction several times before disappearing into darkness. Definitely not normal.

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