Seven huge lights in formation above JHB

Date: 18/04/2007
Time: 07:30 pm
Place: above JHB coming towards Forways made a turn to Midrand Surbub
Submitted by: Rapula Mokono


I saw the same lights as the phenix lights but with an wide open V-shape,size of 5 football grounds.The lights was moving in formation just like the same phonix at that time of a year I didnt know much about the existance of UFO’s.I was with my friend an we both realised its not normal lights so we thought its airplanes but not till the aprouched us.We where at roobots of Olifantsfontein from Olivehood going where we use to live in Diepsloot.The lights beyond JHB CBD an hooverd on top of Forways Surbub an till they were about to aprouch us an they made a turn towards Midrand.I realised that it can not be airplans cos the way they made a turn torwads Midrand.they turned like its one object an at that time they where close enough to hear the sound if it was airplans.
an when I tell Pleaple about this event everyone says im crazy…
#IKnowWhatISaw*Mega Ufo

2 thoughts on “Seven huge lights in formation above JHB

  1. Spelling!!!!! ugh
    2007 seriousely and i see no evidence of UFO’s and the PHOENIX lights. The ligts hoovered? Wow maybe i should get them to hoover/ vacuum clean my home as well. Such untrustworthy witnesses idiot statements are one of the many reasons why this subject is still ridiculed

  2. WHO CARES ABOUT THE SPELLING ERRORS ! I This ain’t no spelling and grammar test. The experience was Shared and clearly understood..THATS ALL THAT MATTERS.

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