“Search Lights” in Durbanville

Place: Durbanville, Western Cape
Time and date: 16/2/2014 at 3am
Submitted by: Kirolak

I have no idea whether these lights are UFO related or not, but for what it is worth, I am recounting it here in case anyone else has had a similar experience… During the night of 16/2/2014 at 3am I went to the bathroom, which is situated right next to my daughter’s bedroom. Her door was open, and as I was about to switch on the bathroom light, I was surprised to see a flashing light near the ceiling against the wall in her room. I watched in surprise as it expanded and contracted, flashing. Then it went out, and repeated the sequence about 5 times. Naturally, I investigated, but there are no electric lights, cords or anything else that could explain the events. The light was extremely bright, white and pulsating, and above the curtain rails. The curtains were drawn.

Then on the night of the 24th April, I was woken by the dogs barking madly. It was exactly 01H03 as I checked my mobile; I opened the blind in my room and looked out of the open window to call the dogs inside (they have free access at all times). I was amazed to see that there was a “shaft” of light moving across the front lawn, which was partly visible from my position at the side of the house. The light was very much brighter and broader than a torch-light (several metres wide) and it moved over the ground almost like a search light, lit up the wendy house in front of my window, then moved back to the front lawn again, several times. It was definitely coming from ABOVE the house and I am ashamed to say I was too spooked to actually go outside to see what was causing it (I live alone with my daughters). There was no sound except for the dogs barking. There was also a large, pulsating, star-like object about the size of the full moon (?) above the rooftops opposite our house, which flashed and disappeared almost as soon as I noticed it.
I mentioned all this to my daughter the next morning; she says she woke during the night and saw a bright, blue light (not seen by me) shine into her bedroom through the window (the curtains were closed).

I am neither a skeptic nor a “believer” and would love to have an explanation. I have seen several strange things over the years, and try to keep an open mind. I wish I had had the presence of mind to take a photo, but in retrospect I am sure the camera in my elderly Blackberry would not have been much use in capturing anything like this. BTW we live in the area of Durbanville which borders onto Kraaifontein, Cape Town.

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  1. Hi there, don’t feel alone many people have seen these sorts of lights.
    We have been living in Gordons Bay for 2 years and I have seen strange orange/red balls of light on 2 occasions . Could not believe what I was seeing .
    They move vertically and change direction at unbelievably high speed definitely not any kind of aircraft, balloon, or even Chinese lantern as could be suggested .
    On the first occasion , I was inside looking out at the mountain and evening sky on a call with a friend when I saw a read light hugging the side of the mountain. First I thought it was some type of vehicle but found it fascinating because I knew there was no road on that part of the top of the Helderberg range. As I watched the red light it reached the top of the mountain and I assumed it would disappear over the other side but to my disbelief it ascended in to air vertically and hovered into the sky at about 100mtrs, for a minute or two .By then I was asking my fiend to take a look outside and confirm she could see what I was seeing. it suddenly changed direction and shot off to the left changing direction at great speed then up again vertically, very high until it was so high we couldn’t see it any more. During this whole episode I frantically asked my friend to look out the window at the mountain, her house also faced the mountain. She confirmed that she could also see the strange ball of light. Meantime my hubby ran outside to get a better look at what all the excitement was about. He also saw the same thing.
    We saw the same light balls a few months later, in a different part of the sky this time it just disappeared instantly as it went up vertically I know when I mention this to friends you can see they don’t take you seriously and probably think I’m nuts, but I know what I saw was like nothing I have ever seen in the sky before and I’m no youngster at 60.
    Since that day I take Alien theorists much more seriously and I am a firm believer in other beings visiting us from other planets. They certainly aren’t interested in making contact with us . I’m sure they know they will be met with the normal excessive aggression and hostility that we human beings are so good at . Read a book recently written by a South African in the 60’s published in the 70’s . Needless to say the Waterkloof Military base was on her tail due to the regular visits to her farm buy UFO’s .
    I believe ” the powers that be” will soon have to let the “cat out the bag” and tell the world all the secrets they have been hiding over the decades.

  2. Skywatchers

    I Suggest you and your daughters seek assistance from a hypnotherapist. These individual encounters at that hour
    calls for further investigation.

    • I hesitate to subject her to hypnotherapy – she is actually rather depressed at present & suffering from school phobia, a rather trying time over the last few weeks. . .thank you both for taking the trouble to reply

  3. I believe you Ive seen UFOs myself of which one came real close to me its an experience you never forget. You remember every detail like it just happened. I just want to mention UFO landings had been noticed at Hout Bay. People notice strange aactivities like one lady mentioned on a few occations she saw lights on the sea shooting into the sky then comeing down again and dives into the sea. She says if you sit by the Fishhook area on a quiet evening youll be surprised what strange things you see on the see. Behind Table Mountain high up is a cave where many people saw small UFOs going into the cave and a little later it comes out again. Theres something going on in the cave I think there is some sort of base maybe.

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