Sea Park Beach Kwazulu-Natal UFO

Place: Sea Park Beach Kwazulu-Natal
Time and Date: 12 – 2 Am May 2002
Submitted by: Mark

My friend and I were on the. Beach walking home (his folks property is near the beach within 50 m from. shoreline. My friend made his way into the house while I waited for him to open door . Whilst looking out to the sea I. Saw a small white round light emerging from horizon out at sea. It hovered stationary. For short while. Abruptly moved right then shot left then dissapeard from sight..I will never forget that night ,seeing the small dot of light move so quickly struck fear in me. Since then I believe in extra terrestrials, unfortunately had no cellphone with camera to take physical evidence. Reported sighting to friend. Whom thought I was. Just seeing things

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