Satellite-like Objects in Parow

Place: Parow, Cape Town
Time and date: 20:40, 04/03/2013
Submitted by: Anonymous

Three satelite like objects moving accross the night sky at high speeds, headed north, however one came back and headed south. A fourth one appeared in different locations, one light in the centre and other flashing around it and would dissapear for some time, and would flash again. Witnessed by my brother, mother, fiance and myself.

2 thoughts on “Satellite-like Objects in Parow

  1. I’m so glad i’m not the only one who saw this! Watched it from Kirstenhof. I posted a report but i think i got my times mixed up and it was more the time you saw it.

  2. My mother was the first to saw, then she called us. Her initial description is an orange orb of some sort, with lights in the centre and around it, she said it was so bright, it actually scared her and she went into the house. We have our camera ready now, hoping to get some pics or video if it happens again.

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