Round Object

Date: 13/11/2016
Time: 08:30 pm
Place: Faerie Glen
Submitted by: Mark


This was a light about 10 time the size of a normal star. Motionless for a while then slowly moved from Left to right. Didn’t behave like a helicopter ,plane or drone.
Appologies for the poor quality pics from my phone

3 thoughts on “Round Object

  1. My family and I saw something similar on the exact same day in Mulbarton, jo’burg. We saw it as the son was setting…. it moved at the same pace as the son and the same direction. It was far away but with binoculars we could see a distinct U shape, but it was moving much to slow to be a falling object. It eventually disappeared behind a hill and that was the last time we saw it. Definitely unexplainable!

  2. Hi good shots _ the last shot 4 is definitely a craft of some sort keep on looking upwards and shooting!!

  3. Definitely a craft

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