Round object seen high altitude Benoni

Date: 17/07/2016
Time: 02:06 pm
Place: Morehill benoni towards Nigel Heidelberg
Submitted by: Frederik


While me and my wife was discussing the weather a saw a small black dot agianst the clouds. My firsf thought it was a plane as we stay quite close to or thambo. But i saw it was not moving and too high for a bird and to still for a plastic bag. The clouds were movin behind it. And it remained in the same place. I took some video on my cellphone but the quality is not so good. On the one video it looks like there might be 3 of them clusterd together. But it might be a trick of light. No sound as it was quite far away

One thought on “Round object seen high altitude Benoni

  1. Christof van Tonder

    Where is the video you spoke about?

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