Round Object Randpark Ridge

Date: 14/02/2016
Time: 07:33 am
Place: Randpark Ridge Johannesburg
Submitted by: Michael Phillip

I have heard about the planet Nibiru and wanted to see if I could confirm that it existed or was it just a hoax. As the photos I have seen have been near the sun thought I would photograph into the sun early in the morning. I aimed the
camera into the sun using a speed of 1/4000 and an aperture of 7.1. On checking the 3 images I got I saw a small dot on the right hand side. Initially I thought Niburu does exist. Then I looked at the other two images and the dot had moved towards the sun. After 2 minutes I went back and took a few more photos but the dot did not appear again so it could not have been a lens flare. My conclusion is it must have been a UFO.

3 thoughts on “Round Object Randpark Ridge

  1. Paul Putter

    Dear Michael

    I have seen this phenomenon before and I can assure you that no, its not a ufo and no, your were not seeing things.

    The object you saw is called a sun dog or sun twin. These “objects” are not objects at all but an optical illusion made by high altitude Ice ib the air through which the aun shines. This phenomenon only occurs during dawn.

    Paul Putter

  2. Chaven Yenketswamy

    That looks like a lens flare. Internal reflection of the sun inside the cameras lens.

    • Don’t think so, you will notice tat the object moves closer to the sun as I continue to press the button. I also mentioned this incident to a friend and she also stays in Randpark Ridge and about a half an hour she saw a similar object. if not the same one. If you have a photographic program have a look at the images in posterise as well as some of the other filters and notice the object following it – maybe that is a lens flare???

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