Round Object moving looking like a Satellite until…

Tonight, above Pretoria around 9pm above Pretoria, my friend and I were sitting outside watching the sky. I observed what looked like a satellite. I told my friend to look up where it was. He looked up at said it might be the Space Station since he has been in the satellite business for years. I ran in to call my wife, she and my friend’s wife came out and my friend said that the “satellite” has stopped. We then noticed that it has been moving in the opposite direction relatively fast and then it stopped and started flashing. We are in the North of Pretoria and a family member in the south let us know what she saw and she is 30km away. She sent a video but cannot upload at this time because of internet been so slow

2 thoughts on “Round Object moving looking like a Satellite until…

  1. My friends and I had a similar experience on the night of December 25th around 10pm. We are in Durban. A large orange light, like a very large star, just appeared in the sky and moved around a little. At first it looked like it was heading east, but then it stopped and went backwards and all of a sudden disappeared – as if the light went off, not that it disappeared into the distance.

  2. I saw a similar thing possibly even the same night. (garden route knysna) I happened to go outside and look up at the right moment. I saw what looked like a shooting star or fast moving aeroplane going in a northerly direction but then it disappeared. Then it reappeared with a much brighter flash still moving in the same direction but the light went off again. Then it appeared one more time still moving and the light went off again. Then it was gone. It could have been a comet but i see strange things flying above us quite regularly so I dont know what to make of it.

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