Round light changing direction – Musgrave

Date: 01/03/2016
Time: 09:20 pm
Place: Musgrave
Submitted by: Chris

I saw, what I thought was a usual satellite. But it got bigger and brighter and didn’t move like a satellite. It kinda moved then stopped. I alerted my friend who was sitting outside with me and he saw the same thing. The object turned direction , kinda stopped then it got dull and dissapeared

2 thoughts on “Round light changing direction – Musgrave

  1. Hi Wade here, on the 3rd of March 2016 I looked at the sun side towards Jhb. from Springs. sun downer was already gone, only dusky outside. was around 19h30 I spotted a blue then green light lit up the entire sky over jhb side and thought no man was maybe a big flair , and I still looked and saw a 2nd light illuminating the sky again within seconds. Was a little concerned .

  2. I saw that blue light over jhb

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