Round bright light – Dundee

Time and date: the date is 4 september 2014 the time 19h30
Place: Dundee, KZN
Submitted by: Ronald

Report: i was in my backyard i looked up at the sky the moon was bright and i was watching the flashing lights of a airliner going overhead then all of a sudden i saw a round bright light out the corner of my eye it wasn’t making a noise it was a few kilometers away from the plane but going in the same direction and the same speed then it just vanished so i thought just keep watching the plane after about a minute the round ball of light showed up again this time right on top of the plane you could’nt see the planes flashing lights just the bright round ball of light which was much bigger and brighter than the planes lights it kept going at a constant speed then just vanished again then you could see the flashing lights of the airliner again i watched till the lights of the plane were out of sight and the round light never came back. This happend over the town of Dundee here in Northern Natal it would be interesting to see if any airliner pilots report such an incident on this date.

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  1. Hi Ronald, please contact me on 0768220345
    Im interested in this case

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