Reoccuring UFO Moving in Spiral Shape | Pretoria

Place: Pretoria, Gauteng
Time and date: 24/08/2013
Submitted by: Jaco Swartz

I see the same thing every 2nd to 3rd night. I noticed it one night when I went outside for a last smoke before getting into bed. I looked up and I looked at what seemed to be a star. After about 30 or so seconds I realized it was moving. My first guess was I was looking at a satellite, but the characteristics of its movements was unlike anything I ever saw.

I have seen satellites before I know how it looks like and how it would move, and this is no satellite. This thing is moving from left to right, up and down and in spiral like shapes. You may think I am lying when I say I see it as often as I say I do, but tonight is the 3rd time this week. Everytime I see it I wish a had a telescope to see exactly what the hell is this thing that I am seeing.

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