Reflection in water of strange object

Date: 16/04/2017
Time: 05:45 pm
Place: Mookgophong
Submitted by: Hennie


My name is Hennie and I live near Mookgophong in the Limpopo province. On 16 April 2017 just after sundown I filmed the reflection of a strange object in the mirror smooth surface of a farmdam.
Because it was a totally windless afternoon the clouds reflected perfectly in the water and I decided to film a small island in the dam to create the effect that it float in the sky. (first part of the video).
Then I decided to try and film the reflection of my drone in the water. I had to gain height not to desturb the waters surface with the prop wash. I then recorded the image of the drone in the water. During this period I didn’t notice anything strange. The three people with me also did not see or hear anything.
It was only the following morning when I played back the recording that I saw the strange object.
I am including the YouTube link to the video.
Thank you

One thought on “Reflection in water of strange object

  1. Uhm… I dunno… Looks like a wyvern from the game ark.

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