Red/Orange Globes

Time and Date: 2 February 2015 23h30
Place: Broadacres (Fourways)
Submitted by: Zain Najim

I was having a cigarette on my balcony when I noticed a red/orange globe moving in circular motions in the North West direction , then vibrating left and right. I kept my eye on in for a good 30 minutes then it vanished. I looked around to see if I could find it again. I then noticed another 3 globes vertical to each other, also moving in the same manner, then a forth appeared much closer to me than the others. They hovered for a good hour or so then also disappeared.

What was awkward was that I kept seeing flashes of light as if lightning was striking. The sky was clear though with no thunder clouds. I couldn’t tell where the flashes of light were coming from. the moon was also extremely bright.

Was very eerie.

2 thoughts on “Red/Orange Globes

  1. Hi Zain,

    I posted here as well, if you read my sightings (multiple orange lights over Pta) you will see that it is a similar, now you got me thinking of whether or not the lightning that we had that evening, wasn’t part of the lights.

    Now i am convinced that what we saw that night were not lanterns..


  2. Err, maybe you were also smoking something on the balcony Farhana,… Zain said he was only smoking a cigarette though…but he could have mistaken what it was he was smoking…the UFO I am sure was real however…:)

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