Reddish-Orange Orb over White River, Mpumalanga

ufo white river

Time and date: 13 February 2015 at 8:14 PM
Place: White River, Mpumalanga
Submitted by: Kyle

It was 8:14pm, 2015/02/13, on a clear, not windy evening, when my friend and I first saw the object. We were sitting at the pool chatting, when over the garage roof flew a Reddish-Orange Orb. Brighter than anything else in the sky, imagine seeing a welding arc, that would be of comparable brightness. As I was facing in its immediate direction, I saw it first, after my frantic shouts of astonishment, my friend was soon to follow. It flew over at an impressive rate, silently. We watched it for 2 minutes or so before we lost it over the tree line. We hurried inside to digest what we had just seen. After regaining our bearings, we went outside again, after 10 minutes, only to see its radiance far into the distance, we then lost sight of it once more, we then hurried to the pool, where I saw the object very faintly moving in a circular pattern, and then stopping every once in a while. These movements were incredibly fast, and well past the capability of any conventional aircraft. We then lost sight of it for good……

P.S. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it appeared much closer, and far brighter in person. We only had a camera phone at our disposal. The second picture is a zoomed in version of the first.

ufo white river

ufo white river

5 thoughts on “Reddish-Orange Orb over White River, Mpumalanga

  1. I have seen it twice in white river it is really astonishing

  2. Cyanne Courtney

    My mom saw something with that description at 20:13 on 17 Feb 2015. Three flew over the sea in Margate 5 mins after each other going over within 30 seconds. Like a red orb it went over silently, we have a video and photos, not too clear though.

  3. Omgkillmenow

    Please familiarize yourself with Chinese lanterns !!! All these red dots with red flames moving in the same direction one after the other,then suddenly loosing it disappears,ARE ALL CHINESE LANTERNS.

    • Kindly read the whole report before making a judgment. There was no wind that evening, yet the object was moving at high speed, only as a self propelled object can. It was also far brighter than any lantern, and it’s movements were far more erratic than something blowing on the breeze. I have seen many Chinese lanterns, and nothing about my siting points to a simple lantern. Of course we all have a right to our own opinion, but like I said, this was truly something unusual and “alien”, although I hate to use the word.

  4. Spooooooooky

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