Red UFO in Cape Town, 4 September

Time and date: Sep, 4 at 7:45
Place: Capet Town
Submitted by: Zafar Monier

in the Llandudno area in Cape Town my brother and I saw an unidentified flying object much larger than any star in the night sky moving at immense speeds, the object was round and red in colour, it was getting brighter and faster as it moved from north to south.

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  1. On Friday evening (04/09/2015) my husband and I saw what looked like a star from very high going very fast across the clear Hermanus sky at 7:42 pm from a south to north/northwesterly direction. It made no sound and it was travelling parallel to the earth at an extremely fast and constant speed. No gassy tail like a comet and not a shooting star. Just a clear shiny ball of light going so far till we could not see it in the distance. My husband tried to film it on his phone camera but it was too high up and too fast. We only see blackness and hear our amazed voices when trying to view it. Maybe its the same one Zafar saw in Llandudno 3mins later.
    Weird, … and still baffled about it today.

  2. Hi, this is likely to have been the International Space station that came over around 19h26. It is quite a sight and travels pretty quickly across the sky

  3. My ex husband saw it too at about 10.15 pm. Moving at great speed, no sound. But then a second one followed straight afterwards. In Wynberg moving towards Milnerton area. Orange in colour , circular!

  4. Just saw a line (about 8mm) of small flashing lights: red and white. Above the neck/over llandudno area from Hout Bay. Very strange and disappeared very quickly

    • A few months ago while driving down Pentz Drive In Table View,Cape Town at around 22:00pm. I pulled over at the Bird Sanctuary parking after seeing a bright light over the blouberg beach Area.I got out the vehicle to get a better look but got distracted by something which caught the corner of my on the Cape Peninsula side.

      That’s when I saw a long double lined almost octagon shaped of flashing white/Amber lights, that stretched from what looked like the southern suburbs all the way to About Mowbray side (estimate) These lights were flashing one half at a time,like Xmas tree lights would but went off one after the other.

      From my vantage point the lights were not to far above the street lamps and it was hanging there for a good 20 odd minutes. I called up everyone I knew and at least got a friend who stays in the area to come and witness this as well.

      If anyone else saw this in the night skies over Cape Town or better yet,can solve this mystery,please kindly let us know.

      Thank You

  5. Circular orange light spotted moving across sky in Akasia, Pta tonight around 8. Friends in street phoned to check if id seen it. No sound. They thought might be asteroid? My mom was outside and saw it, and assumed it was a chopper but also did not hear sound of any engine.

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