Red round ball flying in Wonderboom south Pretoria

Good day
I am Martin and i am normal sane person and my mental state is sound and healthy and i did not dream the following .
At 18h00 on 03/04/2019 i just came back from work and sat down to watch a program on tv when i heard a funny noise outside my flat ,at first i thought it was the builders ,there is a new block of flats being built across of where i live as the sound was a low humming noise and i thought it might be the concrete mixer but it then occurred to me that the workmen already knocked off for the day.
As turned to look outside my flat i live on the fourth floor i saw this red light slowly mowing to wards the hill in the direction towards Wonder boom airport and i thought it was a small plane as there are many flying over our neighborhood towards the airport during all hours of the day,it is then that i saw that this was not a normal aircraft as i thought ,the light i saw was the navigation light of the aircraft as it was quit dark and overcast ,the light accelerated with a amazing speed to very high altitude and then in a blink of an eye it was hovering about 50meters in front our block of flats and the mountain behind it, it then went side ways first to the right then to the left then back to the center accelerated to that same height then in a flash back to about 50 meters then once more moved to he right then to the left and then flew towards the airport direction with a tremendous speed switching on and off like vanishing and re appearing and then it was gone it happened so quickly i had no time to try and take photo within a few minutes it was gone and i sat there of thinking of what had transpired i could not believe my own eyes of what i had seen i have always heard thru the media of people seeing things but never thought that it would happen to me .
The object was large round ball of shape and a glowing red light emminated from it and covered the ball and in this red ball there were a number of smaller round circles within this red ball glowing a type off reddish orange colour

This is all i can remember of what had happened as i said it happened so quickly i was thinking it might have been someone with a drone playing jokes /pranks but no drone can move as fast as the object that i saw

I had to share it with some one that with out thinking i am the bend and must be submitted to the looney farm

Kind regards


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  1. Hi Martin.
    I do not question your sanity with what you saw as I witnessed something similar about 4 years ago in Faerie Glen. My mother was standing next to me and we watched this red ball of what looked like fire descend down to a few hundred meters above our house and then rose up again and flew away at an incredible speed.

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