Red Orb out at sea over Camps Bay

Time and date: On the 17th of December 2013 around 8 PM.
Place: Camps Bay
Submitted by: Douglas

I was standing outside and noticed this red orb close to the evening star. This orb was pulsing similar to a star, but as I was watching – this red orb stared moving from right to left at a left upper (30 degree angle moved in this direction for about 20 sec, then stopped. After about 10 seconds it started moving down till it was out of sight…

6 thoughts on “Red Orb out at sea over Camps Bay

  1. It’s just past 9pm on 24th December in PE and i have just seen approx 15 red lights in a north direction appearing for about 30 seconds and then going behind clouds. The first sight was around 7 of them and as they disappeared others came. All moving from right to left. never in my 66 years have I seen anything so strange. Did any one else from PE area see them tonight

  2. I saw this too tonight at just past 20:00 on the 24 dec 2014. I saw this and called witnesses to see this as well. We ended up seeing these pulsing red orbs coming approx. a min apart and we saw 5 of them.

  3. ufosrstupid

    I can’t believe you people. These are Chinese lanterns.

  4. We saw something similar, if not the same, down the road in Bantry Bay – take a look:

  5. Wow.. Haha they’re called chinese lanterns not UFO’s

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