Red and Orange Orbs Seen in Cape Town

Place: Boston, Cape Town
Time and date: 24 December 2012 at 8 PM
Submitted by: Vlad

3 large red dots in they sky, each one fading into the distance one after the other one. The last dot was still visible about 10 minutes after the first one faded.


Place: Bellville
Time and date: 24 December 2012 at 21:00-21:15
Submitted by: Craig

Was driving in Durbanville (Cape Town) when I noticed 5 red/orange light orbs in the sky in the direction of Bellville. I raced to family friends who were close by to come take a look. The orbs were too high in the sky and lasted far too long to be flares.

3 of the orbs continued to glide towards Stellenbosch at a constant speed until finally disappearing. 2 of the orbs were heading downwards to the horizon at a very quick pace. All this took about 7 minutes. After a minute of nothing ..3 more appeared out of nowhere in the same rough location and glided towards Stellenbosch at a constant speed for about 5 minutes until disappearing.

None of these light orbs made a sound. All of these strange orbs of light were too far apart to be (shot) from the same location or be from the same aircraft. We all stood in awe at the sight of these strange orbs of light. I cannot find a logical explanation for these things. I am usually not one who believes in these things nor have I ever witnessed anything like this before, but I have been rattled by this unusual sighting.


Place: Eversdal
Time and date: 24 December 2012 at 20:35=6
Submitted by: Damien du Preez

My mother and I were both reading outside when she pointed out TWO sets of three glowing orbs just above the horzion, they were moving across the sky. They moved far to slowly and gracefully, also their position in relation to each other seemed fixed, to be any sort of aircraft.

One of the sets of orbs soon disapeared behind what we realised were clouds, the other set following soon after. One of them then reappeared again for a minute or so, it then flew out of view. The lights were consistant and non – blinking. From what I could estimate, they were quite massive – at least a rugby field in length.


Place: Plumstead, Cape Town
Time and date: 24 December 2012 at 23:45
Submitted by: Leigh

3 bright orange balls of light just under the moon in a triangular formation, then forming and arc and back again into a triangle, moving very slowly, hovering in a perfectly synchronised triangle. Then separating out into a line and moving slowly off to the right.

The last 2 lights fading in and out of view until they disappeared, leaving one brighter one which continued to move and hover intermittenly off to the right until it faded out and re-appeared in the same part of the sky about 5 minutes later and then vanishing.

There was not a single cloud in the sky and no noise at all. Possibly Chinese lanterns? But how would lanterns move in unison in a perfect triangle?. The lights would have been over the Table Mountain/ Cape town central area from the direction we were looking.

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