Red/Orange Light – Primrose

Time and date: 19 March 2014 at 20:15
Place: Primrose, Gauteng
Submitted by: Brenda

Last night 19/03/2014 while hanging up my laundry about 20:15 a bright orange/red orb (very solid) about the size of a 5c coin from my view moved quite rapidly over my house and disappeared behind the tall trees from view before I could get any camera or such. It made no sound. Same height as a plane but moving quite speedily as you would see a comet in a movie…???? Wish I knew what this was.

4 thoughts on “Red/Orange Light – Primrose

  1. Saw strange bright orange light for about 2-3 seconds above Mosselbay, at about 20:30 on 21 March 2014

  2. Hi Brenda,

    You are not alone, we also reside in Primrose, Gauteng and we have also wittnessed these ufo’s on a number of occasions…something to be in awe about…you can be happy…my advice keep watching the skies…and next
    time try to capture the moment…

  3. Hi, i just saw the exact object at 20:30 29.03.2014 going from Randburg to sandton and then it dissapeared in a matter of seconds. I’m also curious what that was?
    Is there really a thing like a UFO or terrestrial life?

  4. Will do thanks, definatly cant deny it ….and yah will have my cammie handy when I do laundry at night….

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