Red, Low-flying UFO – Tableview

Place: Tableview, Cape Town
Time and date: 25 may 2013 , 20:45pm
Submitted by: Mark Kirchner

Low flying red round light ball flew right over me, wife and 2 friends approx 20 – 30 feet in diameter, it was flying in a straight line . Height approx just higher than a 10 story building. Object was completely silent, travelled towards Milnerton but then lost the object in the mist. Unfortunately didn’t have a camera with me as we were outside having a braai. Total time seeing the object about 40 seconds. Would like to know if anybody else saw the object as well.

5 thoughts on “Red, Low-flying UFO – Tableview

  1. Hi there

    I might be mistaken but we were on our way to town at approximately this time and saw +/- 40 chinese sky lanterns floating over the ocean towards Table View from the Milnerton lagoon area. Maybe this was a stray one??? Like I said it might not be the same thing you saw but it is a possibility.

  2. Jacky, there is no doubt you are right. These photos show Night Sky Lanterns. The lights people see over Cape Town are Night Sky Lanterns.

  3. These are night sky lanterns people are seeing. Also Saturn looks sometimes like a light in the sky and Venus sometimes looks like a moving light.

    • mark kirchner

      I very much doubt that lanterns , saturn or venus fly that low in a straight line at that kind of speed , objects height in the sky was about the height of a 10 story building , dont even think planes fly that low and a lantern goes where the wind wants it to go it doesnt have a controlled flight

  4. mark kirchner

    Lanterns dont fly in a straight line at that kind of speed

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