Red lights in the sky – Port Elizabeth

Time and date: 13 April 2014 at 21:00
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Desmond

My family and I just witnessed 6 red lights flying through the sky in Port Elizabeth between 21:00pm and 21:25pm on 13 April 2014. There were 3 incidents, 2 lights, then 3 lights, then a single light. They all flew, slowly from the same direction without any sound, 5 “hovered” in a position then disappeared/faded into the night sky. They appeared to be flying higher till they were out of sight. We also saw 3 shooting stars in a space of 15 minutes. These lights did not make any noise while flying.

3 thoughts on “Red lights in the sky – Port Elizabeth

  1. did anyone notice the ufo tonight in the direction of transkei

    • 2 weeks ago my family was at Mazeppa bay just past Butterworth for the weekend. The Friday night my dad called me and told me to look into the sky…the was a bright light that was moving through the sky in a strange way…it was actually pulsing through the sky, it then disappeared BEHIND the moon and appeared again on the other side of the moon. it pulsed through the air over the ocean and eventually vanished…we thought it had to be a satellite moving through space but with all the recent sightings it has to be something else.

  2. Keith Le Roux

    24 November 2014. 22H19. We had 2 sub stations blow last night. I happened to be sitting outside (Morningside, Port Elizabeth) looking over the valley (Malabar direction) when I noticed an orange / red light approaching from the Malabar direction, flying towards me (Morningside area). At first I thought it was just another plane as we see them and hear them coming from that direction quite often. This time though, it was dead silent. The light got bigger and I raced to get my phone to taker a clip. When I got back the object had turned (abruptly) left (from my point of view, from the objects point of view – right) and started to move away from me in the direction of Uitenhage. It appeared to “stop” a few times and then continued until I could see it no more. I happened to get about 4 minutes of footage, unfortunately only as it was moving away. I really cannot explain this object and I am quite disturbed!

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