Red Lights in Empangeni

Time and date: 10 January 2015 at 8 PM
Place: Empangeni
Submitted by: Greg

Around 8 pm my dad and I spotted 9 red orbs moving horizontally across the sky. There where three at first and then a minute or two before others that followed. In total there where 9 of them. Also during that time looking into the sky I seen two so called stars move across the sky and a so called shooting star. Or shall we call them starships 🙂

2 thoughts on “Red Lights in Empangeni

  1. Omgkillmenow

    Starships ? How about Chinese lanterns….

  2. Good observations Greg. Keep watching.

    Here’s a challenge for you. The next time your outside with your Dad, try spotting a satellite. It normally moves in one direction and is very similar in colour to a star. Check to see if it makes a right or left turn. Then ask yourself how it is possible for a satellite to make an immediate change in direction? Have fun.

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