Red Ball of Light in Tableview

Place: Tableview
Time and date: 26 December 2012 at 11:55 PM
Submitted by: Tracey Stevens

I was looking up at Orion’s belt when to the right of my vision at about one o’clock position a red ball of light came into view. It moved very fast. My first thought….plane….no, too fast, Then shooting star…no, to fast and too low, then oh it’s a flare, no it had a trajectory parallel to the ground and was moving at an unbelievable speed away from me.

It winked out just before it reached the tree line. Five minutes later I watched a plane going on its flight path, lights and all, but it moved like a snail across the sky compared to the streak of red light I saw. I could hear the plane…no sound from the streaking light.

Duration of sighting – four seconds Height sighted – plane altitude Distance covered – half of the sky visible to me, a good distance as it passed overhead and traveled across the sky away from me.

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