Red Ball of Light | Durban

Place: Durban (between Phoenix and Verulam)
Time and date: approx 02:00 2013.05.27
Submitted by: Julian

Report: Well its not about what I had seen at first but more like what I had heard. At approx 1.30am I woke up to go to the loo and I could hear this hollow sort of noise, I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, well I didn’t think much of it at first cos I thought it might be a plane. After about 5minutes that noise was still present. Being the inspectorate type that I am I went onto my balcony and looked into the direction of where this strange noise was coming from.

I looked towards the direction\route(that these planes travel during ascend and descend) of the airport and as looked in that direction I saw no sign of plane activity but as I looked on the other end (way out of a plane’s route) I could see this ball of light was red or orange I think. Pity I didn’t have a pair binoculars or some sort of magnifying instrument I would have seen the object clearer maybe. Strange though it was almost as if this thing knew I was looking at it and it started to move, as it moved the sound of it grew weaker ( it was unlike any aircraft sound dat I ever heard).

Within about 4minutes it disappeared completely. SIGH 🙁

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