Reapearing star over Pta

Date: 16/01/2017
Time: 08:15 am
Place: Im North of Pta and saw it WSW
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I steped out side to cool down as it was hot and humed and looked west /southly and noticed a moving reapearing star, I noticed it was to high for a plane , out of atmosphere , apearing and disapearing for about 10 min and then it vanished.

One thought on “Reapearing star over Pta

  1. Hi I live in Harties area and I have seen the exact same thing a few nights ago I have been following this for a couple of months now at first I thought it was a police helicopter but as you said its to high and to bright to be a plane the light appears normally from 7 at night but disappear exactly at 9:30 and is clearly visible on evening when there are no clouds note that I do not believe in UFO or aliens however this light source have caught my attention purely because of the inconsistent appearances sometimes days go buy and some days its every second evening the concern I have is the way it dissapear at the exact same time at the exact same spot

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