Rainbow lights through the clouds

Submitted by: Jessica
Place: Johannesburg
Time and place: 14 December 2013 at 19:11

We were at Wits faculty of Medical Science and watched as clouds rolled in within 8 min (we took photos). The lightning was getting quite hectic, so we decided to leave. As we reached he car, my husband told us to look up. There were a number of rainbow coloured lights beyond the clouds. Some were moving, some were relatively still. There appeared to be smaller yellow lights next to each light, and one can be seen moving quite quickly between the bigger ones. There were 2 bright white lights off to one side. When the lightning lit the sky up bright, the colours remained in the clouds. I have a video of the event. Would love to hear an explanation. It happened at Wits University on 14 December at 19:11


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