Pulsating Light Seen in Pretoria

Place: Pretoria
Time and date: 09/03/2013 19:30
Submitted by: Neil Engelbrecht

It was not a UFO, but a very strange pulsating light that lit up the entire skyline in a blue green color, the light lasted a good few seconds, before going dark again, I reported it on facebook and a friend confirmed seeing it roughly 60km away in roodepoort on the westrand… http://www.facebook.com/neil.engelbrecht.77/posts/610126965667336?comment_id=7374514&ref=notif&notif_t=feed_comment

3 thoughts on “Pulsating Light Seen in Pretoria

  1. I reported a similar sighting couple of days ago.
    Pulsating lights disappearing and re-appearing in different locations,
    Sighting in Cape Town, Parow East.

  2. That sounds very much like an asteroid breaking up. We had one in Langebaan yesterday and I witnessed one in Hoedspruit 2 years back.

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