Pulsating green light over Gauteng (West Rand)

Time and date: 20:30 on 21 December 2013
Place: Krugersdorp
Submitted by: Anon

I went outside around 20:30 and there was a green flashing/pulsating light in the sky north of krugersdorp. It moved in a large circular patern which changed from south to north. It was moving very slow. Was very high up in the sky.

3 thoughts on “Pulsating green light over Gauteng (West Rand)

  1. We also saw a green pulsating light on the 21st. It was about 21:00 in Krugersdorp. It was above the clouds but no way of telling how far up exactly. It stood still for about 20 minutes then slowly moved north. It was about as bright as the evening star. Also curious as to what this was!

    • A bright orange light west of Krugersdorp is sighted for a few times around 2045 on Wed 1 1 14

  2. Saw 2 bright lights over krugersdorp area late August 2014. Were quite far apart. Seemed lower than normal stars. Following evening not in sky anybody else see them

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