Possible UFO Sighting over Belville, Cape Town

Date: 24/09/2018
Time: 12:02 am
Place: Belville, Cape Town
Submitted by: Rudi Visser


Good Day,

I have attached part of the video which I had taken yesterday, (Monday, 24 September 2018) at 12:02 of strange activity which I noticed in the sky in the Belville and Brackenfell, Cape Town, South Africa area. It first seemed like flashing lights of possibly an aircraft or even star of some sort, but did it soon became clear that these seemingly flashing lights seemed to be at different places at different times within a fraction of a second, during which I decided to take a video of it with my smartphone. Only after playing the videos back in extremely slow motion, frame for frame, I were amazed to see that this seemed to be only one object but which moved with incredible speed within a fraction of a second! So fast that to the naked eye it will seem like flashing lights appearing at different spots.
Please have a look in slow motion especially to see the phenomenal speed with which this thing moves! I could hardly believe my eyes what I had seen on the videos! On the other part of the video, it can clearly be seen that this light orb / flying object will dive at incredible speed after which it will ascent with the same lightning speed, after which it will do some sort of half a circular motion and then dive soon after this at the same incredible speed.
I have more footage with even more amazing things which this flying object seemed to be capable of and of which I am sure no aircraft on earth are capable of but could unfortunately only email you this clip due to the size of the full video clip.I would like to know whether there are more people in the Belville area who saw this or if there were anything unusual reported in the skies yesterday at that time.

7 thoughts on “Possible UFO Sighting over Belville, Cape Town

  1. …so where’s the video?

  2. Where is the video dude! Come on give some credence to your claims

  3. There does seem to be an issue loading attachments to the site. I had the same issue previously. Rudi, I suggest also posting the video on this websites Facebook page. We look forward to seeing the video footage.

  4. Hi Rudi

    I hope you are well.

    Interesting report.

    What made you look to the sky?

    I’ve had a look at the video you posted on the facebook post. Unfortunately it isn’t very helpful – there is a lot of movement of the camera/phone and it is quite blurry (zoomed all the way in probably).

    Please send me the other videos you have. My email address is:


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