Possible UFO sighting in Kommetjie

ufo sighting kommetjie

Time and date: 15 March 2014 at?
Place: Kommetjie, Western Cape
Submitted by: Caroline Steenekamp

We were on a drive today with a friend from the UK – we took pictures on the road behind Kommetjie. Seconds after taking two photos with my phone, I noticed a strange thing on the 2nd photo. I enlarged it on my phone. It was not a bird, and it does not look like a plane. The weird thing….. I looked back into the sky in that spot, and then for the next minute or so, I scanned the sky all over the area, thinking if it was a plane I would have seen it, but it had vanished. I showed my husband and our friend, and … well we are stumped. Could it be?? See my photo here:

ufo kommetjie

One thought on “Possible UFO sighting in Kommetjie

  1. Hi. I’m quite sure my boyfriend took a photo of exactly the same thing from Boyes Drive on the 22nd March. He also didn’t notice it in the shot until a few days later. Its very ‘ufo shaped’ to be a plane or helicopter. No visible wings, roter blades , tail fin etc. Also no sound.

    Leigh N.

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