Possible UFO sighting in Malmesbury + Photos

Place: Malmsbury
Time and date: 7 December 2012
Submitted by: Warren

It’s not what I saw but what I stumbled upon. I am a professional photographer, shooting an international furniture catalogue when while editing the images found this, which can only be a bird, but which would be almost impossible due to my 1/13 shutter speed, and the fact that it was gale force wind.

My brain tells me bird, but my mind tells me ohtherwise. And I know at those settings, with the scale of objects in foreground, the object appears within in 5 second, the frame before info says 3 seconds before, and the frame after, 1 second after show nothing.

Due to me not being able to show the full image due to confidentiality, I have isolated the UFO and some land. I am clueless..? My assistants (2 of them) are equally clueless.

Any ideas, other sightings etc within the area that looks similar? Any explanations welcome. Shot on a canon mk 2- and raw. The image has had the curve levels adjusted to bring out the shape of the object.






Thank you for your submission, Warren. Do you think this could just be a plastic bag or a bird? What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Possible UFO sighting in Malmesbury + Photos

  1. Wow.. that looks freaky! So many sightings recently… beginning to wonder if this coincides with the 21st Dec prediction?

  2. ronel swanepoel

    i wonder why most people on this site rule out the Bible .. in the last days God will give signs in the heavenlies ….. Acts 2:19 and Joel 2

  3. ronel swanepoel

    Nice pictures, Warren!

  4. Great photo-manipulation. Photoshop right?

    • @Grant. This person contacted us and wanted to know what we think is in these photos. He has no idea what it is. All that he can think of is that it could be a bird. We think it might be that or a plastic bag. What do you think?

  5. You should have thought out your story more thoroughly, this is a strange setting for the international furniture catalog you claim to be shooting.

  6. Good stuff. Many more to be seen on my youtube account anomalies.ahbotha.
    this is the big discosure, and they now fly at night to ensure you notice them.
    lots of action 16 th dec 2012 in Cape Town area.See youtube.
    Kind regards

  7. Hi Guys. Thanks for showing these. I am more than satisfied that the “UFO” could very well be a plastic bag exiting frame. It certainly is the most plausible explanation. ( I really had my doubts about this being a bird, but never thought about the possibility of a plastic bag). This is the reason I have sent these through to you guys, the experts.
    Grant, these images are all shot on raw. There is no way of manipulating the raw image, it is very much like the negative of film, but in a digital state. If you have an understanding of photography you will know that. The images, and all the metadata is available for any expert to analyse (which is why i submitted them). But I am happy with the plastic bag explanation. It makes the most sense, as there was a lot of product unwrapped etc. (and the wind was raging gale force that evening).
    Really enjoy this blog since I have discovered it, and look forward to viewing peoples submissions.

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