Possible UFO | Olifants River Lodge

My husband and I saw something at about 21:00 on 5 October 2013 at Olifants River Lodge. It was moving relatively slowly about 50 m from the ground in a westerly direction. There was no sound and a pale reddish light on the object. At first we thought that it might be a flare due to the colour of the light and the fact that it initially appeared to be slowly drifting down very similar to a flare. However, as it came closer we realised that it was maintaining its height and moving in a straight line. It passed about 30 m from us. I could not make out any shape. It appeared as if the light was the object. There was no sound at all. Unfortunately I thought of taking a photo only when it was past us.

We discussed the possibility of a model aircraft/helicopter but the lack of sound ruled that out. In my opinion it was also too dark out to steer a model aircraft accurately. It finaly moved behind a row of trees and we lost sight of the object. I have no idea what I saw.

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