Plumstead UFO

Place: Plumstead Station
Time and Date: 21:30 08/05/13
Submitted by: Greg

At first I thought I was seeing was a plane. but it was too fast. and too small. it was like one of those old stealth fighter planes. it was doing swooping and curve motions, while gliding. the lights were very bright and low to the ground a small, red light covered with blue light around the red, most of the time you would see both together but sometimes just the red. Along with that, when it turned over the whole bottom had white light shaping, and covering the whole object. this thing was extremely low and small. as soon as we got closer it started to disappear.

2 thoughts on “Plumstead UFO

  1. Plumstead Family

    Saw the same object last night (22nd June 2014) at around 19:40 above Plumstead station, notices the object while the family and I were driving home and it was still visable from our home in Steurhof. Object moved with good speed sideways and upwards, at times the lights would go off and the object would re-appear in another location within two seconds. wondering if anyone else sighted this last night ?

  2. Nov. 23rd 2.30pm. My crow spotted something in the sky I looked up saw a VERY strange dragon-fly like object hovering miles up. (round with a tail) Kept my eye on it, it was def. metal….drone? I felt it could be a bit high for a drone though. Took my eye off it for second and it was gone! gone. very odd.

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