Pink Light UFO in George + Video

Place: Denneoord, George
Time and date: 9:45 25th of Dec & 8:49 1
Submitted by: Dylan

On the 25th of Dec 2012, 9:45pm, we saw 3 red/pink lights in the sky, and it was partly cloudy. The lights then disappeared one after the other, they were big and bright…it felt like as if they were suspended on wire, perfectly still and it was very quiet.

Not a helicopter and not a plane and most certainly not a satellite, these things were flying (hovering) in front of clouds. I recorded one of them. 12th of January 2013 Saturday 8:49pm… My wife called me to have a look at this pink light in the sky…Again the same thing!…Pink and bright in colour, these were also dead still in the sky hover through the clouds, and we only saw one of them…10 min later I went outside again ( obviously curious) and saw another UFO Seemed closer to us this time going the same direction as the previous light…

The pink light eventually changed its course and made it ‘s way to the trees in the horizon…and later disappeared, I tried to zoom in to the light to see if there were any definition on the light…Tried to get a clearer picture of it in clearer detail…but it seems like one light only…after viewing the footage on the PC, we saw another smaller red light next to it.

Thank you for the video, Dylan!

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