Pietermaritzburg, 20/06/2014, 18:43, a bright orange light in SSE direction over Naperville . Appeared for 9 min then disappeared. No strobe lights green or red. You can’t tell me Oriby Airport can’t see this on radar. I’ll try in the morning and see what they say. My Government is useless or hiding the truth behind this. Should we be scared or ready?

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  1. I dont think our government will know what to do. Aliens are to scared to to land here in SA , crime rate too high. LOL

  2. I have observe the same anomaly, Cyril I am a ufo researcher . I stay in Pietermarizburg would like to here from You . Welcome to contact me , my cell number is 076 7851706. I hope to hear from You.

  3. Wandering what would happen if I started shooting at the UFOs. They come and do as they please. No hello ,hi or greetings. They have alot of explaining to do. They up to something and by not communicating they show they not here in piece. Intruders!

  4. do more research!!!!!!!!!!AND READ YOUR BIBLE THE ANSWER IS RIGHT AFRONT OF U!!its fallen angels=demons

  5. I don’t think they mean any harm, I think they just need some resources from this planet but they know that we as humans are a very fragile and safe guarded/protective species to communicate with. So they keep a safe distance and wait for the day they can present themselves close up. If they hostile, then… we fvcked.

  6. Yolanda.

    Hi, you are correct in saying ” read your BIBLE!!!!!!!!! ” thanks.

    I found a site you might find very interesting and will help you in sharing the true Gospel.


    But I would really like to hijack one of their flying ships and go to war against them with it. As it is written….For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12 (KJV)

    Dax, your welcome to join me, lol.

  7. There’s a great deal of knowledge carried by Africa with many stories of ancient astronauts with reptilian features that came from the skies and some claiming that they used interstellar travelling to reach earth and stargate – using the sun and a portal at the centre of earth that had them time travelling. And that they built underground cities because they could not stand the sun. All around Africa you hear the same story, old people talking about small men with huge heads taking women and children to their masters (tall grays) and drinking their blood (sounds like the vampire diaries). With that said, I’m with you. Hijack that bxtch. But on my first comment I referred to other alien races that might be visiting earth #*#*#*_

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