Oval-shaped UFO with Metal-like Surface | Pretoria

Place: Leeuwfontein (East of Roodeplaat Dam) Pretoria
Time and date: Circa February 2013 around dusk
Submitted by: Gerrit

I saw what first looked like a satellite coming overhead from an Western direction traveling East, but much faster and much brighter. It was an oval circular shape with no lights at approximately 100 000 ft and approximately 30 – 40m in diameter, estimated speed, mach 4.

It was reflecting sunlight down where darkness has already fallen on ground zero. As I told my friend to look he saw it, and when he stood up to have a better look I kept following it, in that moment it banked right as I saw the reflection shifting on its metal like surface and it turned approximately 45 degrees to the South and started accelerating at an incredible speed to where it “disappeared” out of the visual spectrum of light as I had another 30 degrees arch of line of sight to follow it on its course.

Now first of all it was intelligently controlled, it did not follow a fixed speed and trajectory as any other man made body in orbit around the Planet. It reacted to me making my friend aware of its presence and in the moment my friend stood up it maneuvered and accelerated so fast that it was gone by the time my friend looked up to find it again.

Is it ours or theirs? I am unable to answer that question.

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