Orange UFO in Durban

Date: 27/04/2014
Time: 18:30-19:00
Place: Glenwood, Durban

Early Sunday evening after letting the dogs out for a run, I noticed a bright orange light flying from a south easterly direction to north west (from Durban south to Westville). There was no sound, or any flashing lights common with most aeroplanes. My only other thought was that it could have been a helicopter, but then why would a helicopter have an intensely bright orange light. Did anyone else see this?

One thought on “Orange UFO in Durban

  1. Saw something similar on 12 April 2014 at about 19:30. A bright orange light moving fairly fast but totally silent. The non believers who also saw it said it was a chinese lantern but I do not think so. There was no wind blowing at all at the time. I live in Merrivale, Natal Midlands. The light came from the east and headed north towards Umgeni Valley.

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