Orange round light – Gordon’s Bay

Time and date: 29 October 2014 at around 20h10
Place: Gordon’s Bay
Submitted by: Anton

Orange round light coming from direction Strand toward Gordon’s Bay at low cloud level, toward and directly above me. No sound, no strobes, constant orange light/ball, height estimate around 900m/cloud level, moving and slowing, speed no where near supersonic estimate 400kph? slowing to 150kph then disapearing behind clouds, total view time around 2 mins.

One thought on “Orange round light – Gordon’s Bay

  1. Howick, Kzn. We also saw strange orange round light on Sunday night 9 November 2014. It was at about 8.45pm. It just suddenly appeared in the sky in the direction of Merrivale, residential area. It was slowly descending, not flashing or anything, just descending as if it was preparing to land. No noise, nothing. It was quite a big visible orange light and we were quite a distance. Then it got lower between the houses and dissappeared. Maybe it landed in an open field. Im sure someone else must have definately saw that. It was very big and visible!

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