Orange Orbs | Kirstenhof + Video

Place: Kirstenhof, Cape Town
Time and date: 10pm 27th July ’13
Submitted by: Leigh

The orange orbs are back! 3 bright fiery orange orbs appeared suddenly in the sky over Muizenberg area (seen from Kirstenhof) They were preceded by a bright white flash like sheet lighting (except there was no thunder or lightning and only partial cloud) They moved silently and slowly over toward the north, changing postions until settling into a triangular configuration before fading out. Whole sighting lasted about 15 – 20 mins. (3rd light obscured by the carport). Video below or watch here.

2 thoughts on “Orange Orbs | Kirstenhof + Video

  1. Had a sighting from Kirstenhof a few months ago, which is logged somewhere on this site, but did not get a video. 3 blinking lights hopping around the sky to the north. Wonder if it’s the same “watchers”…

  2. Hi.

    I saw the same three lights fly over Pretoria, Centurion area, in January I think it was. They were all traveling in the same direction at about 10 second intervals. Unfortunately I only managed to film the last one on my cellphone. They traveled in complete silence, amazing sight!

    Now I keep my eye on the sky!

    Kind regards,

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