Orange Orbs – Johannesburg South

Time and date: 5 April 2014 at 8 PM
Place: Johannesburg South
Submitted by: Charly Bosman

On Saturday evening, 5 April 2014, around 8pm, we noticed two bright orange orbs in the distance.
The two orbs appeared to stationary but a moment later looking up again they were traveling alongside each other – moving at a slow but steady speed overhead.
We were transfixed just staring in amazement at how low down and close they were (aprox 100m above the electricity pylons).

They were moving in a northernly direction, but we couldn’t make out any descent as we lost sight of them as our view was obscured by trees and rooftops.

There was absolutely no sound emitted, not even a hum or vibration.

The orbs appeared to be deliberately “steered”, rather than float (floating would have been unlikely as there was no wind – not even a breeze).

They were not Chinese lanterns or flares – as I’ve witnessed both before and this appeared completely different…

Aprox 15 minutes later, we saw another two orbs move along the same trajectory, speed and direction.

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