Orange Orbs (Fireballs?) over Table View

Date: 14/05/2016
Time: 06:30 pm
Place: Evening Sky
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I was alerted by my girlfriend calling me outside to have a look at a strange light in the sky. What saw was 2 orange orbs / fireballs silently flying from East to South. they where each as big as my fingernail, and traveled equidistant from each other. Then I noticed a third from the South travelling at the same direction shining bright orange. they seemed to burn out after 20 seconds, fading into the distance. It seemed to be metor’s, but there was no tail or noise.

I took a picture and a short video.
mins later, we saw two more travelling in the same direction. Does anybody know what these were or did you see them?

5 thoughts on “Orange Orbs (Fireballs?) over Table View

  1. I saw the exact same thing flying past. I live in Milnerton and stood on my balcony and saw it flying over the Tablebay area. I got a shock of my life and yes the yellow/orange like ball of flame did burn out after a few seconds. I still saw the smoke remains left. Scary…..

    • I saw something similar a few years ago over Table View and put the pics on Facebook.I got the distinct feeling it was not from this world.

  2. Just saw 1 orange orb over jhb moving first down then fast to the west…

  3. Chinese lanterns people!

  4. I saw almost the similar thing twice in Durban in 2014. I have a post up. However after the fire went off, I saw a triangular shaped object zip from left to right and then it sped off to the East. I followed as far as I could, but then it dipped down, up again and then dipped down, at quite a fast speed.

    This happened again three months later. I was quite shocked I must say.

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