Orange Orb spotted in White River, Mpumalanga

Date: 20/04/2016
Time: 03:30 am
Place: White River, Mpumalanga
Submitted by: Christie

At 3:30am this morning, my husband woke up to our dog barking and went to our balcony to look outside. He called me to come and look. There was a large orange orb (approximately half the size of the moon), hovering in the sky. It stayed there for around 5 minutes, then vanished.

One thought on “Orange Orb spotted in White River, Mpumalanga

  1. I saw the exact same thing but propably 3-4 times the size you and your husband saw and to put the cerry on the top it was approximatly 50-65 meters above ground zero and approx. 80 meters down the street on the corner of an entrance to an open field which is partly bushy.The fierly Large Orb had No other lights around it and was the colour of an street light pole light which was orange.It was so close and huge, as if the sun setted right infront of you in closer form.anyhow as i made my way towards it, it slowly started hovering off towards the bushy side of the field, i until i couldnt have seen it no more but i went onto the field and found the highest spot and i saw that it went down.I noticed behind some trees that there were an bright orange light emitting behind the trees up.The time was 17:48pm and darkness was allready almost done setting in.I started hearing leaves and branches moments later, I immediately started sprinting my way back out.when i got home, the dogs in the neighbourhood all went crazy, the crazy thing is that they started barking in an order…
    Since that day i had a dozen more unexplainable things happening to me still up to present date… and that happend 11 months ago..Felt like sharing cuaz i feel a connection between us.Connection in a role we have to complete before our time is up.

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