Orange Orb Sighted in Rondebosch, Parklands + Video

Place: Rondebosch, Cape Town
Time and date: 21h10 on 2 January 2013
Submitted by: Amanda Kropman

An orange coloured ‘star’ moved from table moutain fairly low on horizon across sky above Rondebosch. 2 of us saw it and commented. We though it was a helicopter as it was too low to be an aeroplane. However it seemed to slow almost above us and was silent. It slowly started to move straight up and eventually just disappeared.


Place: Parklands, Cape Town
Time and date: 2 January 2012 at 21:00-21:15
Submitted by: Alex

Looking west from Parklands I saw what initially looked like an orange flare being launched (due to its rate of climb and the level it reached). Once it reached a certain height (not sure of the distance of the object from me and this actual altitude), it travelled east maintaining its angular elevation.

It emitted no strobe and only appeared as a bright orange ball shaped light. Light intensity and shape remained the same as it travelled north of me towards the east, probably across 150 degrees, taking 2-3 minutes, then its intensity faded in about 5-10 seconds.

Within the next 15 minutes I saw another 3 objects which had minor variations in apparent height but all with the same characteristics, except for the last one which appeared to travel faster than the others and was red.

None of the objects emitted sound, even when I cupped my ears. The last object faded in a different way, it lost its brightness in a position slightly before the others faded, and a small speck of light remained for a few seconds afterwards.

My girlfriend observed this with me. I am an experienced military pilot, I have not seen any aircraft which could explain this sighting in my life.


Place: Melkbosstrand
Time and date: 2 January 2013 at 21:05
Submitted by: Zee

Was driving home to Melkbosstrand from Parklands just before 21:00 tonight and what I saw sounds very similar to what Wally saw on the first and possibly Alex too. Only difference is that I wouldn’t describe it as an orange orb. And there was only one. It was so close up, we couldn’t have been more than 20 meters away from this object.

It looked like a transparent balloon with an orange light inside at its base. There was no tail and nothing visible outside of its balloonlike structure. It was oval shaped, about half a meter in vertical length and about a little less than a ruler’s length wide. At first it was going slow which is what made me look cos I thought it was some new kinda fireworks and I was waiting for it to blow. It was rising into the sky then picked up speed when my fiance stopped the car to get a look.

At that point it was just glowing orange and was so high that it looked like it was in the heavens and was travelling at a tremendous speed towards the Malmesbury direction. After 2 or 3 minutes (after stopping the car) it was more or less above the Durbanville/Fisantekraal area and just disappeared.

This video was sent to us by Leigh. She recorded it in Plumstead at 23:45. It is the video she took of the orange light after the other two had faded away:

4 thoughts on “Orange Orb Sighted in Rondebosch, Parklands + Video

  1. Comment on my own post; after checking the prevalent wind (270 at 15-20kt), the characteristics of my sighting and the those of sightings attributed to ‘Chinese lanterns’, I would be happy with the explanation being a series of Chinese lanterns. If so, it’s quite irresponsible considering it is fire season.

  2. Saw the exact lights over Rustenburg on 03/01/2013 and on 05/01/2013 betwen 21:30 and 21:45, looks like orange flair, moved slowly up and then disapearred.

  3. I saw an reddish orange orb on the 01-05-2013 at 11:55PM also thought it was a flare but flares go up and then come down….this went to the right but always in the up direction then disappeared. Also thought of the Chinese lantern except there was not a breath of wind at that time……

  4. Last night (10.01.2013) at about 22:00 I saw a reddish orange orb while standing in the parking area of Paddocks Shopping Centre in Milnerton. At first I thought it to be a Chinese lantern. But got out of my car, switched off the ignition to hear whether there was any sound to this strange ball of fire which was moving swiftly in the direction of the ocean towards Tableview had any sound to it. Nothing what so ever. This object was flying below the clouds then disappeared into the clouds after a few minutes. What a sight to behold! Please Comment whether you’ve seen this last night. I saw a couple at their flat window looking out as well. Hope you get to read this as well.

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