Orange Orb Sighted in Durbanville + Photo

Place: Durbanville
Time and date: 1 January 2013 at 21:00 to 22:00
Submitted by: Wally

Series of orange orbs. The 1st orange orb started moving from West to East at about 21:00. It was moving relatively fast and faded away into the distance after about 30s. The 2nd orb was moving up from the horizon in an South to North direction as it came closer it started to fade and disappeared overhead. The 3rd and final orb was also coming up from the horizon in a South to North direction and then stared to move east just as it cleared a treeline on the horizon. It faded away as it moved further. There were no sound produced by any of the objects. I am adding a photo I took. Light was low so had to keep the lens open for a while…

ufo sighting in durbanville

3 thoughts on “Orange Orb Sighted in Durbanville + Photo

  1. Same as what I’ve seen tonight. I’ve added my own report.

  2. Was driving home to Melkbosstrand from Parklands just before 21:00 tonight and what I saw sounds very similar to what Wally saw on the first and possibly Alex too. only difference is that I wouldn’t describe it as an orange orb. And there was only one.

    It was so close up, we couldn’t have been more than 20 meters away from this object. It looked like a transparent balloon with an orange light inside at its base. There was no tail and nothing visible outside of its balloonlike structure.

    It was oval shaped, about half a meter in vertical length and about a little less than a ruler’s length wide.

    At first it was going slow which is what made me look cos i thought it was some new kinda fireworks and i was waiting for it to blow. It was rising into the sky then picked up speed when my fiance stopped the car to get a look. At that point it was just glowing orange and was so high that it looked like it was in the heavens and was travelling at a tremendous speed towards the Malmesbury direction.

    After 2 or 3 minutes (after stopping the car) it was more or less above the durbanville/fisantekraal area and just disappeared.

    Alex, I cannot find your report and would like to know if what you saw was more like what i observed or not. So please repost.

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